The Benefits of a Camera Sewer Inspection

The Benefits of a Camera Sewer Inspection

One of the leading plumbing expenses for property owners stems from unmaintained storm drains and sewers. From clogged toilets to potentially catastrophic floods and sewage leaks, many of these plumbing emergencies can be avoided through preventative maintenance and inspections. Whether you are looking to purchase a new home or have owned your home for years, it is important you schedule a video camera inspection of your sewer lines to protect yourself against future issues.

Some of the benefits of sewer camera inspection include:

  1. Pinpointing damaged or clogged pipes: Before cameras were used, identifying the source of a plumbing issue was a costly, time consuming, and irritating prospect. Now, plumbers can thoroughly inspect the insides of your pipes and easily locate any areas of concern, thereby eliminating the guesswork.
  2. Confirming the removal of clogs: Once work has been done to remove a clog, a sewer camera can be used to inspect the area and verify that the issue has been remedied. Furthermore, this can provide you with the opportunity to see for yourself in real time that the clog has been removed, rather than just having to rely on the plumber’s word.
  3. Determining what type of pipes are used: A video inspection can help you find out what type of pipes are used in your home or prospective home. This may reveal that a particular property has an obsolete plumbing system installed and may require an urgent replacement, potentially influencing your buying decision.
  4. Inspecting new sewer systems: Before a new sewer system can be approved for use, it must be thoroughly inspected to ensure proper installation and that all pipes are connected properly to the system. Sewer cameras can be used to easily check your newly installed system and ensure all is as it should be.

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