Why You Should Install Plumbing Cleanouts

Why You Should Install Plumbing Cleanouts

There is an old rule in engineering, construction, and other hands-on sciences that redundancies in a system are always a good idea. If you are building a rope bridge, for example, use twice as much as rope as you need to get the job done and reinforce the supports. It is linked to the adage that it is better to be safe than sorry. In plumbing, one of the most important yet often forgotten redundancies are plumbing cleanouts.

What Does a Plumbing Cleanout Do?

If you walk around your front and backyard, you might see a random pipe going straight down in the grass or dirt. While not really visually appealing, this is probably a plumbing cleanout and it will become your best friend if a nasty clog or pipe damage comes your way, and
your drains need cleaning. Rather than having to tear through an extensive system of pipes, a plumber can use advantageously placed cleanouts to access the system with an auger or inspection camera closer to the source of the problem. These extra access points to your property’s pipes may be redundant but they are so in a way that can save you time, money, and frustrations.

A cleanout can also sometimes stop a system from bursting or overflowing into your home due to a catastrophic clog down at the main sewer line. The pressure of the buildup in the pipe will want to go up and out of the first pipe it encounters. If you have a cleanout near the street in your front yard, the backed up sewage can come out of there, alerting you of the problem before it comes flowing back out of your sinks and toilets, ruining the interior of your home. Again, redundant but critical.

I Don’t Have Cleanouts – Should I Get Some?

Yes, installing plumbing cleanouts should be a priority for you as a homeowner. If you are worried about how they look in your yard, you can have them installed under your crawlspace, which is actually the most common place to find them in non-slab foundation homes. At Plumbing Solutions, LLC, our Columbia plumbers can come inspect your property to determine where your cleanouts should be installed and hook them up to your preexisting plumbing system.
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